Bed Edger Rental

Bed Edger Rental

Choose between the Bed Blade for creating new beds, or trenching/wire blade for edging and wire burial.


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The Bedscaper BE400 bed edger has more power and the added durability of a centrifugal clutch that is bathed in oil. Depth adjustment is controlled at the handles as well as the throttle. The BE400 can also trench 7″ deep!

Great for:

  • Creating Beautiful Curved Landscape Beds
  • Redefining Existing Beds with Precision
  • Installing Metal or Plastic Edging
  • Installing Concrete Pavers (Paver Blade Required)
  • Installing Landscape Timbers (Paver Blade Required)
  • Installing Low Voltage Lighting or Underground Pet Fencing

Bed Blade

Create beautifully manicured beds with the Bedscaper ® blade. The patented Bedscaper ® blade has staggered carbide cutting bits to cut through the toughest soils and roots. The blade design both augers soil and evenly distributes shock to lessen vibration and operator fatigue.