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Surface Preparation Equipment For Any Project

One of our specialties here at Tri-City Equipment Rental is Surface Preparation. Like most of the Products we carry here we not only Rent and Service Sandblasting Equipment but we sell new and used Equipment as well.

Whether you need to Blast the I.D. of pipe or are looking at a Large Sandblast job we have the Equipment to get the job done right. If dust is an issue we also have Ecoquip Vapor Blasting machines. Ecoquip Vapor Blasters create far less dust and use less Abrasive saving you money.

We have multiple Media Blasting packages with all the proper safety Equipment included.

We also stock Aftercoolers to separate moisture from Dry Blast systems. One of the biggest issues with Media Blasting is when moisture collects in the Sand Pot causing clogging and pulsating. Having Dry Air will smooth out Blast stream and save material.  

If you need help with a project or you need assistance with bidding a job don’t hesitat to give us a call. We have anywhere from 25-30 Diesel Compressors in our Rental fleet and can custom fit options for long-term leases. Many of our Air Compressors have Aftercooled and filtered options built right in as well as High Pressure capabilities.