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We Stock Most All Sand Blasting Media

If You Need It Chances Are We Stock It!

SandBlasting often Called Media Blasting is used to prep a surface for coating or simply to clean a surface.

Our staff is very well versed in Media Blasting and can help provide you with exactly the right material for the job whether is a smoke/mold remediation or a standard steel Container getting a new coating.

 – We have a Large 100+ ton stock of various materials from Soda Bicardonate to Aluminum Oxide and almost everything in between.

 – We have materials for Dry Blasting and Vapor/ Water Blasting.

 – Not only do we have different products but also different grades (mesh sizes) to achieve exact profiles needed for proper etching of new coating to be applied.

 – We can also quote deliver on anywhere from one 50# bag to 14 pallets @ 3,000 lbs each.

Largest Selection Of Sand Blasting Media

If You Need It Chances Are We Stock It!

Crushed Glass – Log Homes, Light steel, Aluminium, Fiberglass and Heavy Steel depending on grit size. Works well with Dustless/Water Blasters. Made from recycled Glass.

Black Diamond – Concrete, Steel, Light to heavy Coatings. Also works well with Vapor Blasters.

Starblast  -More expensive than two above medias. Cuts faster and can be used more than one time if dry and clean. Works well for steel or Stone/Granite.

Soda Bicarbonate – One-time use. Great for delicate surfaces, will not remove rust or heavy coatings. Great for Fiberglass.

Garnet Can be used more than one time. Cuts quick on most surfaces.

Glass Bead – Leaves a dull finish, Great for cleaning or piening.

Aluminium OxideGreat for hard to clean sufaces such as Powdercoating. Works well as non skid additive to be used with Epoxy.

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