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Husqvarna 125B Blower


Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with state-of-the-art ergonomic design. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the handle, minimizing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is perfect for homeowner use.

-1.1 hp 28 cc engine.
-Fuel tank volume is 16.91 fl oz

Husqvarna 14″ Diamond HI5 Concrete Saw Blade


The HI5 is a blade used for fast cutting of a wide variety of materials on the first pass, such as cured concrete and brick. This all-purpose diamond blade has aggressive notched segments that grab and grind material for a rapid first cut.
-Optimal in concrete, reinforced concrete and brick.
-Good in granite.
-Acceptable in block.

Husqvarna 150BT Blower


The Husqvarna 150BT is a commercial grade backpack leaf blower in the 50 cc mid-size range. It features a powerful X-Torq® engine. The harness and controls are ergonomically designed for high capacity and ease of use.

-2.15 hp 50.2 cc engine
-Fuel tank volume is 42.27 fl oz

Husqvarna 16″ BAR, HL280-56 3/8,.050


Husqvarna 16″ BAR, HL280-56 3/8,.050

The gentle curve and small nose radius reduce the risk of kickback and facilitate good cutting control. Bars are epoxy coated to protect against scratches and corrosion.