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Oregon Bar Tip Grease Gun


Oregon Bar Tip Grease Gun
-Pre-loaded with all purpose lubricant
-Steel-nose nozzle with spring loaded pump action sprocket nose guide bars
-Easy refill
-For easy operation clean out the guide bar grease hole


Rental $125/Day

Graco GmaxII 5900

Rental includes 50′ of hose, gun, and guard, customer must purchase a tip at $25

Sprayer specs: 3300 PSI, 1.6 GPM, Max Tip Size = .043

Can be set up for 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum

Call 989.266.3600 to Reserve

Paint Sprayer Rental, Graco 795

Rental $90/Day

Graco 795 Airless Paint Sprayer

Rental includes 50′ hose, Gun, and Guard

Customer must purchase Tip

Specs: 3300 PSI  1.1 GPM  .033 Max Tip

Call 989.266.3600

Paint Sprayer Rental, Large Pneumatic Airless

RENTAL $165/Day

Graco “King” Airless Paint Sprayer

Includes set up for 5 or 55 gallon pail, 100′ of 3/8″ high pressure hose, Gun, and Guard

Customer must purchase tip

Specs: 3800 PSI   2.9 GPM

We can also provide the air compressor needed.

Call 989.266.3600 to reserve and discuss a solution for you airless paint sprayer needs.

Paint Sprayer Rental, Small Professional Airless


Rental $100/Day, $75/day after first day.

Online booking available!

1 Day= 24 hour rental, please select the same day on calendar for this option.

Rental Includes 50′ Hose, Gun, and Tip

Each rental comes with a new tip of customers choice.

Graco 395 or equivalent

Call or Text989.266.3600

Plate Compactor Rental

Plate Compactor Rental

Transport wheels and water tank included

Plate dimensions: 19″L x 21″

Copy and paste link below for more specs



Call 989-266-3600 for reservation

We also sell these new, call for pricing.

Post Driver Rental

Gas powered post driver rental. Ideal for T-post, can be used for any posts up to 1-3/4″.

Mini four stroke Honda engine




Call 989-266-3600 to reserve.