Wilcraft 2023 EXT 4WD Ice Fishing Machine

2022 4 Wheel Drive EXT WILCRAFT

“Loaded” with the following options:

  • 4 Wheel drive with electronic switch to disengage
  • 3 Padded and embroidered swivel seats
  • Black Wheels
  • Foam insulated interior walls
  • Studded tires
  • 4 10″ Fishing Holes
  • White with Black Insulated Enclosure
  • LED Interior lights
  • Auger Rack

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The Wilcraft: Convenience, Mobility & Safety

The WILCRAFT is powered by a 26.5 HP Kohler EFI 4 stroke gas engine and a Hydrostatic drive system.

0-20 MPH


Floats and can easily extract itself back to ice.

“Loaded” with the following options:

  • 4 Wheel drive with push button on/off
  • 3 Padded and embroidered swivel seats
  • Black Wheels
  • Foam insulated interior walls
  • Studded tires
  • 4 10″ Fishing Holes
  • White with Black Insulated Enclosure
  • LED Interior lights
  • Auger Rack

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Ice fishing has been around for generations. Over the past 20-30 years, Innovations has made the sport easier, more enjoyable.  Thus, we are seeing wonderful growth in the industry.

Wilcraft takes Ice Fishing Vehicle to a whole new level; there are 4 aspects of the sport Wilcraft greatly improves upon. They are Convenience, Mobility, Safety, and an Extended season.

Convenience:  All your gear is in the vehicle, set up and ready to go.   Just step in and drive. Never before has ice fishing been easy of effortless.

Mobility:   When you’re on the ice, you must be mobile, you must move from spot to spot to find the fish to be productive. There is nothing more efficient at this, then the Wilcraft.  Traditional equipment requires some degree of loading and unloading at every stop.  In the Wilcraft you set your rod down, press a couple switches and move.

Safety:    It Floats; if it should break through it’s very stable in the water and has the unique ability to can climb back onto the ice.   Our winters have been getting warmer and we are seeing thinner ice. We are also experiencing mid-winter thaws and re-freezes, this ruins the integrity of the that ice. Needless to say, more and more folks are breaking through with their cars, trucks, ATVs, and on foot.      The cost can be significant, loss of vehicle, loss of equipment and extraction fees. More tragic, is loss of life, on average 50 a year in the US.  This doesn’t have to happen anymore.   There is now a safer option.

Extended season:   We designed the machine to have light footprint, so we don’t need as much ice as traditional equipment. Wilcraft owners can be on the ice weeks before others, and on late ice, weeks after they’ve thrown in the towel for the season. Early and late ice is the most desirable time to be on the ice as fish are most active.      This feature alone offers true value for their investment.

Another attribute is comfort, an insulated floor under your feet, and an insulated enclosure that sets up in a second so regardless wind or weather You’re on the ice warm and dry.

        2022 Wilcraft Specs

-Powder-Coated .100 Aluminum Construction body

-2”x4” aluminum construction

-Powder coated mechanical components

-850 lbs. approx vehicle weight

-675 lbs. capacity

-EXT 64″W X14’3″ L (overall)

​-EXT Body 57″ W x 10′ 11L”x15″H

-Ground clearance 0-11”

-Closed cell flotation foam for buoyancy and warmth with .063″aluminum floor panel

-.100 aluminum Engine Buoyancy Pod

 with internal buoyancy foam

-Removable commercial grade indoor/outdoor rubber-

backed floor carpet for easy cleanup

-Independent powered Front/Rear lift system.

-Three 12vdc 8” 1200lbs linear actuators

-LED Head and Taillights

-Full width padded rear bench seat

-Thick closed-cell vinyl/nitrile cushion

-26.5 HP 747cc Kohler Gasoline Engine, 4 stroke EFI

-747cc EFI Kohler engine electric start

-Interstate 51 series battery

-Fuel capacity 5 gallons

-Hydrostatic drive means *NO BELTS OR PULLIES*

-Hydrostatic dynamic braking

-Synthetics hydraulic fluid for ALL weather operation

-Front & rear coil over shock suspension

-Large low pressure tires

Front AT22X10-8 (4WD Dual pump 25x8x12)

Rear AT27X12-12 Swamp Light

-Black out steel wheels

-Four 10” fishing holes with watertight dual purpose plugs

-Storage under seat, hood, and nose area

-Open floor plan for Customization

-Right hand Tiller style steering placed for full use of cabin

-Left hand flow control for speed and instantaneous direction


-2WD selectable low range 0-10 MPH, Hi 0-20 MPH

-4WD 0-13 MPH

-4WD Dual pump 0-20 MPH