Aftercooler with Moisture Separator, In-line and simple to use.


Aftercooler, 250 C.F.M. with Moisture Trap.


In-line, works with any Air Compressor!

Aftercooler, 250 C.F.M. with Moisture Separator. Stand alone and portable Air Cooler with 12 volt fan and alligator clips to hook to 12 volt power source. Many people call these Air Dryers but the correct term is aftercooler.  Give us a call for special pricing or quantity discounts. Made in the USA!

The most economical way to remove moisture from compressed air. No more chugging and unclogging sand from Blast Machine. Just plug-in Aftercooler anywhere between the Compressor and the Blast Machine and hook up the 12 volt fan to Compressor battery or any 12 volt source.

These aftercoolers work great and carry a 30-day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

Ideal for Sand/Media Blasting applications. Also works great to keep moisture out of pneumatic tools which prevents rusting and keeps tools running longer saving on down time and repairs.

You can give us a call anytime (989) 695-9664 with questions.

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Weight 90 lbs